Harriseahead Methodist Church
Article and Photos Courtesy Neville Powell

Indenture dated 3rd day of July 1832

We can go as far back as 1832 for the first mention of the grounds where the Wesleyan Chapel stood. It is referred to in a certain Indenture of Release bearing the date on or about the 3rd Day of July 1832.
This Indenture was made between :-
John Sutcliffe, Benjamin Garside, Francis Farnell, John Swallow,
Thomas Frith, Robert Wilson, Samuel Naylor, John Fearly Sutcliffe,
Thomas Fox Sutcliffe, Charles Swallow, John Swallow the younger,
Samuel Morley, Joseph Garside (accountant), William Farnell,
Joseph Garside (wood turner), > therein described of the 1st part.
The Rev George Marsden, > therein described of the 2nd part.
James Brown, > therein described of the 3rd part.

This Indenture was enrolled in His Majesty's High Court of Chancery on the 25th day of July 1832 and being a Deed made for the settlement of a piece or parcel of ground or Chapel and place of Religious Worship with the appurtenances situate at Skircot in the parish of Halifax in the County of York, for the use of the people called Methodists in the connexion established by the late Rev John Wesley

Indenture dated 8th day of April 1850
This Indenture was made between :-
Ralph Sneyd Esquire, > therein described of the 1st part.

James Thorley the elder and Mary his wife, > therein described of the 2nd part.

James Thorley the younger, > therein described of the 3rd part

In this Indenture, Ralph Sneyd reserved the rites to all mines and minerals in or under the plot of land.
It also stated that after the death of James Thorley the elder and his wife Mary, the plot would be handed down to James Thorley the younger, his heirs and assigns for ever.
After the death of his parents, James Thorley the younger made a Will dated the 19th day of October 1866. In his Will he appointed Peter Gaskill (agent of Newchapel) and James Harding (shopkeeper of Newchapel) as his Trustees and Exors. They were appointed to sell his real estate and invest the money arising and to pay the annual produce to his son also named James Thorley for his life and on his death, to divide the capital of the trust fund amongst the children of his son in equal shares.
James Thorley the younger died on the 25th day of October 1868, and his Will was proved in the Principal Registry on the 12th day of December 1868.

Indenture dated 25th day of August 1871
Stamp Duty :- 12 Shillings and 6 Pence,
Indenture fees were :- 2 Pounds 6 Shillings and 6 pence.

This Indenture was made between :-
Peter Gaskill (agent of Newchapel), James Harding (shop keeper of Newchapel),
> therein described of the 1st part.

Enoch Cotterill (ironstone clupper), George Manning (engineman),
James Smallwood (grocer), William Stubbs (collier), Christopher Owen (grocer),
Thomas Ford (blacksmith), Samuel Forster (collier), Jonathan Hammond (forgeman)

Samuel Oakes (collier), Joseph Shufflebotham (collier), John Taylor (grocer), James Blood (collier),
William Joynson (banksman), Samuel Cotterill (forgeman) all of Harriseahead, Samuel Colclough (collier of Mow Cop),
John Cotton (stationer of Kidsgrove), James Smith (ground bailiff of Rookery), Richard Blackhurst (earthenware manufacturer of Tunstall), Jabez James Hancock (earthenware manufacturer of Tunstall), Benjamin Holland (collier of Audley) >therein described of the 2nd part. One name not listed but who's signature appears with the others is Enoch Clare.

The Rev William Shaw (Wesleyan Minister of Tunstall) the superintendant preacher of the Circuit in the Methodist Connexion
in which the parcel of ground is situated in. > therein described of the 3rd part.

The Deed describes the people of the 2nd part as, being possessed of certain sums of money intended to be laid out in the purchase of a piece of ground and in erecting thereon a Chapel or place of Religious Worship and School for the use of the people called Methodists. So they paid Peter Gaskill and James Harding the sum of £115-00 for the plot, and premises.

Witnessed by William Cooper a Commissioner to Administer Oaths in Chancery in England and John Middleton Horsley.

A Memo to this Deed was added on the 10th Day of October 1917 and states :- a small portion of that land had been added with land upon which the two houses sold to Mr Joseph Rowbotham has purchased and an acknowledgement for production of that Deed was given.


DATED 15th DAY of MARCH 1902
DATED 18th DAY of MAY 1910
DATED 30th DAY of JULY 1952

In 1967 it was decided by a meeting of the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church assembled at Middlesbrough in the County of York to sell the Chapel, Land and Schoolroom after it was deemed no longer required for Methodist Trust purposes. Confirmation was sent from the President of the Conference, Irvonwy Morgan dated 13th Day of August 1967
A copy was also sent to the Rev C. Raymond Scott, the Superintendant Minister of the Stoke-on-Trent (Tunstall) circuit.

The Schoolroom was sold to Mr F. Gallimore for the sum of £150-00.

The Chapel and Land was sold to ADMINELLA LIMITED for the sum of £750-00
A Conveyance was drawn up on the 27th Day of October between :-
William Leonard Atherton (miner of Knypersley), Joseph Bailey (farmer of Stradmoor, Low Lane, Harriseahead),
Charles Horace Brough (mining engineer of 62, Chapel Lane, Harriseahead), Angus McLaren (miner of Chapel Lane Harriseahead), Elliot Wooliscroft (miner of High Street, Harriseahead), Harrold Shufflebotham (engineer of Nestle Drive, Mossley), John Bertram Stanier (painter and decorator of 10, Primitive Street, Harriseahead), Jonas Stanier (electrician of 17, Chapel Lane, Harriseahead), Horace Bertram Brough (television engineer of 62, Chapel Lane, Harriseahead), Ellen Rowbotham (widow of 66a, High Street, Harriseahead), Arthur McGuire Bates (grocer of William Road, Whitehill)
Florence Shufflebotham (married woman of Nestle Drive, Mossley), Minnie Hancock (married woman of 78, High Street Harriseahead), Samuel Hancock (bank clerk of 78, High Street, Harriseahead), Simon Riley (cutter of 43, Moorland Road, Mow Cop), Ellen Minshull (spinster of 43, Moorland Road, Mow Cop), Sarah Ellen Deaville (spinster of 11 Church Road, Mow Cop), > therein described of the 1st part.

Adminella Limited, whose registered office is at 358, Anchor Road, Longton. > therein described of the other part.

In the agreement the Trustees state that the Company or any successors to the title will not use the property or any part for the manufacture, distribution, sale or supply of intoxicating liquors nor for any purpose in connection with the organisation or practice of gambling in any of its forms, nor as a public dance hall.