Panoramic Views

To appreciate the views from Mow Cop you must of course visit the place. These photographs offer just a taster of what can be seen. On a clear day 7 counties can bee seen, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Flintshire & Denbigshire. The Picture below is looking out over Cheshire towards Wales in a south westerly direction. The Mound in the middle is Beeston Castle, the hills to the right are Flintshire while those to the left are Denbighshire
As we keep panning North we come to the foothills of Lancashire, with Manchester spread out along the edge of the county (6x zoom)
Further round to the North heading North East we see Derbyshire visible is the GPO tower on the way to Buxton from Congleton, to those who dont know the area the dark hill in the middle is "Cloud End"
Staffordshire lies to the East of Mow Cop, Biddulph in the Center with Biddulph Moor behind
As we keep turning clockwise to the South you can see Shropshire in the distance, in the dip at the bottom
of the picture is Clough Hall (Kidsgrove)