The Village Green

Village Green Photos
Thanks again to Maureen we have a few photos of the village green in spring

Mount Pleasant Village Green is owned at the present time by Congleton Borough Council. When I came to the village about 20 years ago the part where the bus shelter is had an old stone building on it which had been used in the past for many different things, storage, greengrocers, car repairs, that area was privately owned and when it came up for sale the council bought it and demolished the building, for a long time the land was left rough. Before the council owned the land it was just a field owned by the Triners who still own the lovely old farmhouse at the end of the now Heatherside, The road up to St Lukes and the school went from the top of the Hollows and across the back of the green, it wasnít until the council houses were built and Clare Street was created that the road took on itís present route.
The rocky uncultivated area towards the left of the green is called The Cob and officially that is what the area is still referred to, The Cob itself appears to be unclaimed it was said at one time to belong to the owner of a long since demolished house on Heatherside but no deeds have ever come to light, the Council look after the basic maintenance on the green but over the last two years a few people from Mount Pleasant have improved the area by planting trees, shrubs, and bulbs, installing benches, steps and walkways and the latest addition two wooden sheep, They have also raised money to have electricity installed on the green and have a Christmas tree every year, It is to be hoped that the green will remain for everyone to enjoy and any organization in the village will feel free to use it for Village Feteís etc.