Water Pump

Mow Cop could once boast its own wind operated water-pumping system, the idea being to pump water up to supply the local area and parts of Staffordshire The waterpump with the waterworks were owned by Kidsgrove Urban District Council who appointed an attendant to live by the pump, to ensure it ran and to do the basic maintenance. On windy days however he would have to climb up the waterpumpand wedge the wheel, as it would have been damaged, or dislocated.

I was led to believe that the mechanics of the waterpump were built in Germany, and a local man, a carpenter and undertaker Mr C.H Hancock, made the fins. However since a Mr Gareth Hughes has pointed out that an identical waterpump was built at Bury St Edmunds in 1900 and was copyrighted by a John Willis Titt, of Warminster, the evidence for this can be found by using the menu above. As well as being wind operated there was also a gas engine available in the pumping station. This would have been used during maintenance and on windy days.
The waterpump has long since disappeared, and the pumping house and station have long since been replaced, it was closed down in 1930. The waterpump just below what is now a covered reservoir, owned by the North West Water Authority.
The reservoir top in the background was made of concrete, this was replaced in the early eighties with a landscaped one, which is less of an eyesore.