Rode Hall

Rode has been the traditional family home of the Wilbraham’s since 1669.
When Roger Wilbraham Esq. purchased the land from Randle Rode.
In 1708 the Wilbraham’s tore down the old estate house and started the construction of a new one, this was added to by Randle Wilbraham in 1752 and then by Mrs Richard Wilbraham Bootle in 1799.
Shortly after Rode Hall was re-built the Wilbraham’s had Mow Cop
Castle built as a summerhouse
The Wilbraham’s inherited Lathom in Lancashire and that became the family home for 50 years before they moved back down and settled once again at Odd Rode.

The house and Gardens are open on Wednesdays and Bank Holidays, and the Gardens only are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm-5pm

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