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15084 Private Daniel Mitchell

15084 Private Daniel Mitchell born in 1877 in Rode Heath, son of James Mitchell and half brother to Arthur & Frederick Mitchell, Daniel’s occupation was Collier, height 5 feet 7 ˝ inches, weight 137lbs, eyes blue, hair light brown and unmarried.


Daniel enlisted on 02/11/1914 in Tunstall; he was 37 years and 9 months old. Part of his Military Service Record is as follows:

Daniel was put on a charge twice, first time was on the 10th April 1915 for “overstaying his pass by 2 days”, punishment was 4 days C.B (confined to barracks) the second time was on the 1st May 1915 for “Absent from tattoo roll call”, punishment 4 days C.B. Daniel served in Egypt but there is no record of when he embarked or when he disembarked.


On the 10th August 1915 a telegram was sent from the 3rd Echelon Military Hospital in Alexandria saying “ dangerously ill Seventh North staffs 15084 Mitchell D. Inform relatives” this telegram was sent to James Mitchell (Daniel’s father) to 17 Dirty Three, Talke on the Hill, but the telegram was not delivered, reason being the addressee not known, so the telegram was returned to the Infantry records office.


Daniel died on 22nd August 1915 from Dysentery, in Alexandria; he is buried in East Mudros Military Cemetery, Egypt.


In January 1916 Daniel’s possessions where sent to Mrs Eunice Hibbert of 147 Talke Road, Talke, these consisted of: 1 disc, 1 pipe, 1 purse, 1 coin and letters & photos.

On the statement of relatives on the deceased solider Daniel Mitchell dated 29th April 1919, the only relatives named to Daniel were Mrs Mary Mitchell (Aunt) James and Eliza Mitchell (cousins) of Mow Hollow, Mow Cop, no other relatives were mentioned. Mrs Eunice Hibbert received Daniel’s medals 1920.

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