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200441 A/CPL Hylton Hammond Bailey

200441 A/CPL Hylton Hammond Bailey born in 1897 in Kidsgrove, he was one of 11 children to Arthur and Annie Bailey of the “The Hollies” Rode Heath (one of Hylton sisters lived in Australia and another in New York), his occupation was a fitter, he was 5 feet 8 inches, vision: good, physical development good, but some bad teeth.


Hylton enlisted on the 2nd September 1914 in Hanley. Part of his Military Service Record is as follows:

Home (Home means in Britain) 2nd September 1914 – 3rd March 1915.

Embarked from Southampton on 4th March 1915, Disembarked in Le Harve on 5th March 1915, he was in the field from the 18th - 26th May 1915, and then went to Rouen on 27th May 1915.


Hylton was hospitalised between 8th – 15th July 1915 medical condition unreadable, then he was back in the field between 26th – 30th September 1915, then he was sent to Etaples and back to England on the 6th October 1915.

He was hospitalised again between 21st- 23rd December 1915 for influenza and tonsillitis. Left England on the 17/10/1916 and disembarked in Boulogne on the 18/10/1916, he joined his unit in the field on 2nd November 1916, then transferred to another unit in the field on the 11th May until 18th May 1917.


On the 24th May 1917 he was promoted to A/CPL (acting Lance Corporal).

Hylton was wounded on the 14th June 1917 and died of his wounds on the 16th June 1917. His parents received his medals on the 3rd July 1920.

Medal Card