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35910 William Cartwright

35910 William Cartwright born in 1896 in Scholar Green, second eldest son of Joseph and Sarah Cartwright and husband to Frances Marion Cartwright nee Booth, William and Frances (known to others as Marion) were married on 13th February 1918 in Church Lawton, when Marion married William she wouldn’t have guessed that she would become a widow in only 1 month and 17 days.

William’s occupation was a pipe fitter; he worked for the Birchen Wood Colliery Company in Kidsgrove. His height was 5 feet 10 inches, and weight 10 stone 4 lbs.


William enlisted on 13/04/1915 in Kidsgrove. Part of his Military Service Record is as follows:

Home (Home means in Britain) 13/04/1915 – 14/11/1915.

Between 31/08/15 – 14/09/15 William was in Cosford hospital with Varicocele (abnormal enlargement of the vein that is in the scrotum) then again on the 07/08/1916 he was in Chatham with the same problem, but the dates of discharge is not eligible.

Home leave 25th January 1917 to 3rd February 1917.

France 15/11/1915 – 02/04/1918.


On the 17th September 1915 William was put on a charge for being absent for 2 days without permission, his punishment was 3 days C.B (confined to barracks).


William died from bullet wounds on 02/04/1918. In June 1918, William’s personnel belongings were sent to his wife Marion, they consisted of: 1 metal disc, 1 religious book, letter, cigarette case, handkerchief and two other items I can’t read.

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