Three Men and a Truck (Tub)

This photo shows three workers at the brickworks posing. More interesting though it is a great example of the type of truck (tubs as they were called) used to moved the marl up to the kiln area. Comments from Derek Frost
"(L) Gordon Moss, who died a couple of years ago & (R) Arthur (Archie) Redfern, who used to live in the house where Brian Smith now lives. The man in the bucket is Eddie Ratcliffe. A man named, Horace Farrell, was the fireman (shotfirer) down the marlhole who lived in the house where Paula Cartwright now lives. He was a big, rough looking bloke & my dad & Jim Beardmore had many a rollicking match with him about him using too much powder and bombarding the back gardens of the houses in Moorland Road,
with rock and marl missiles, some as big as a fist. The blasting used to cause the windows of the houses to rattle and crack in the metal frames and the debris would plummet from the sky like small meteorites. Frightening when you think of the damage that they might have caused to people and a practice which certainly wouldn't be tolerated today. "