Motorbike Race
Motobike racing up Station Bank April 22nd 1922 Memories of 1932 race below courtesy Bill Leeson

The race was from the station gates to the top of station road. In 1932 my dad would have been in the racing riding a Scott Flying Squirell twin cylinder 2 stroke water cooled 500cc. George Brammer would ride dad's other bike a 250cc Tommy Spann AJS overhead cam .The race ran from the station gates up the Drumbers and up the Railway Inn bank and ended at Annie Stubbs's house  at the top of Station Road. the other competitors would come from Manchester, they came to test their bikes and of course it turned into a race. 4 riders per race, 5 bob each to enter. Dad and Brammer made good money .

Mrs Edith Spokes Crashes into the Crowd