First Primitive Chapel

'The drawing is of the first Primitive Methodist chapel of 1841, as best remembered by the older residents in this vicinity. This is the place referred to by the famous lines known the world over:-
Upon the mossy brow
Of the venerated Mow,
There stands a chapel now.
It was nearly forty years after the first camp meeting before a chapel was built on Mow Cop, and when it was finished it was regarded as a great achievement. No doubt Hugh Bourne would be closely connected to the building of it. It was built of native stone, and the sketch shows the gable end to the highway, after it had been sold and converted into a kind of Co-operative stores, when it was known as by the high sounding name of 'Free Trade Hall'. This description is from "Mow Cop & Its Slopes" by W. J. Harper, Tunstall, 1907 & earlier