St.Thomas Church Yard

With thanks to Edward McLean


In memory of Jane Hancock
Wife of John Hancock Who departed this life Feb 26th 1857 aged 24 years
He that overcometh the same shall beclothed in white raiments Rev 3ch 5ver
In loving memory of Fanny Beloved wife of John Hancock of Mow Cop
Born May 24th1840 Died Feb 5th 1882
Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest
Also the above named John Hancock
Born March 19th 1830 Died May 24th 1884

In memory of Ralph Hancock Of Mow Cop
?????? 24th 1866
(rest unreadable)

In affectionate rememberance of Ann
Wife of Stephen HancockOf Mow Cop
Who died Sept 5th 1872
Also Stephen
Who died March 29th
(rest unreadable}

In loving memory of Hannah
The beloved wife of Thomas H. Walley Of Dales Green
Died June 9th 1886 aged 33
Ernest Infant son of the above
Died May 30th 1836 Aged 3 weeks
The opening heavens around them shine with beams of sacred bliss

Treasured Memories of Arthur Hancock
Dear beloved husband of Florence May Died 5th March 1986
Aged 80 years
Also his devoted wife
Florence May
Died 3rd June 1992
Aged 80 years

In loving memory of Frank Hancock
Died 2nd February 1980 Aged 59 years
Elsie May His dear wife Died 4th Jan 1991
Aged 68 years

In Loving Memory of Gladys May Stubbs
Died 18th October aged 67 years
1917 – 1983 Frederick William
Died 5th August aged 78 years
1912 – 1991 at rest

Treasured memories of Mum
Annie Victoria Hancock
Died 19th February 1995
Aged 97 years
Wife of the late Elliot

In Memory of Elsie Hancock (nee Owen)
Beloved Wife of George
Died 17th May 1997
Aged 92
Rest in peace

In loving Memory of Leah Ann The beloved daughter of
Edward and Leah Booth Of Mow Cop
Who died April 13th 1903 Aged 17
Also above Leah Booth Who died Jan 6th 1919 Aged 54 years
Also above
Edward Booth Who died Jan 15th 1944
Aged 82 years

In loving Memory of Edwin James
Beloved Husband of Jane Hancock Of Alder Hay Lane Harriseahead
Died July 29th 1920 aged 44
Thy will be done
Peter James Their beloved child Die in infancy
Also Jane Hancock
Dearly beloved wife of the above
Died Dec 15th 1957
Aged 85 years

In rememberance of Martha Beloved wife of Thomas Mellor Hancock
Late of Ivy Cottage, Dales Green Mow Cop
Also George Walter Wallace Of 5th Batt North Staffs Regiment
Only beloved son of Walter and Elizabeth Hancock
And grandson of the late Luke and Pauline Oakes Hancock Of Primitive St, Mow Cop
Who died from wounds received in Action Sept 14th 1918 Aged 20
Peace Perfect Peace

Also William Hancock
Who died May 20th 1942 Aged 76 years

In loving Memory of My dear husband Ellis Hancock
Born Sept 8th 1902 Died Feb 13th 1938
Worthy of Everlasting Love
Also Hannah Ruth His beloved wife Died Oct 8th 1981 Aged 76 years
In God’s keeping

In ever loving Memory of Annie Dearly beloved daughter of
Joseph E. and Sarah Hancock Of Mow Cop
Died Nov 19th 1920 Aged 23 years
Also the above Sarah Hancock Died Dec 12th 1946 Aged 70 years
Also the above Joseph E. Hancock
Died Oct 21st 1948 Aged 71 years

In loving memory of Charles Hawthorne Hancock Joiner and Undertaker
Beloved husband of Rebecca Hancock Of High St, Mow Cop
Died Aug 11th 1955 aged 69 years
At rest
Also the above Rebecca Hancock Died July 31st 1957 aged 67 years
Peace Perfect Peace
Also their sons Robert died Jan 5th 1921 aged 7 months Jack Died May 5th 1931 Aged 11 months
He shall gather the lambs in his arms
Also Ivor William Baddeley Their grandson Died Jan 8th 1947 Aged 4½months

In loving memory of John Hammond Killed April 1932 Aged 27 years
Also William Hulme Hancock Beloved husband of
Mary Ellen Died 31st May 1979 Aged 76 years
Also beloved wife Mary Ellen Hancock Died 27th June 1983 Aged 90 years

Samuel Hancock Husband of Lydia Matilda
Died 30th Aug 1951 Aged 59
Lydia 30th Dec 1965 Also Samuel son of above
Died June 1967 aged 37 years

Treasured Memories of Elsie First beloved wife of George A. Hancock
Died Dec 21st 1944 Aged 36 years
Also Above George A. Hancock Died Aug 7th 1981 Aged 75 years

In Loving Memory of Thomas Booth Died 17th Feb 1938 Aged 67 years
Also Harriet His beloved wife Died 18th June 1958 Aged 77 years

In cherished memories of Thomas William Booth "Oladwyn" Church Lane, Mow Cop
Died Oct 16th 1952 Aged 45 years
Worthy of everlasting love
Also Gladys A dearly loved wife and mother
Reunited Oct 26th 1993 Aged 84 years
Always in our thoughts

Treasured memories of A very dear son Dennis Hancock Of Harriseahead
Died Feb 2nd 1953 Aged 20 years
Also Elsie Hancock Died August 7th 1969 Aged 79 years
Also Arthur Hancock Died 14th Jan 1987 Aged 98 years

In loving Memory of Leonard Beloved husband of Emily Evans Of Dales Green
Who passed away April 28th 1960 Aged 57 years
In God’s keeping
Also Emily Evans July 24th 1995 Aged 96 years
(additional stone vase)

In loving memory of Leonard Evans From fellow workers at Victoria Colliery At rest

In loving Memory of Clara Beloved wife of Samuel Forster Of Mow Cop
Who died Feb 20th 1923 Aged 65 years

Also the above Samuel Forster Who died June 9th 1938 Aged 73 years
Also Joseph A. Hancock Died Nov 1 1931 aged 44 Until day breaks and shadows flee away
Also Clara Ann His beloved wife Born Aug 21st 1889 Died April 23rd 1962

In loving memory of Charlotte Dearly beloved wife of Charles Hawthorne Hancock Born at Mow Cop
Jan 25th 1914 Died April 8th 1973 aged 59 years
Also beloved husband Charles Hawthorns Died March 5th 1986 Aged 72 years

In loving Memory of Isaac Beloved husband of Mary Booth Of Congleton Road Mow Cop
Who died Aug 2nd 1931 Aged 68 years
Also the above Mary Booth
Who died 21st July 1965 Aged 92

In loving Memory of James Booth Congleton Road Mow Cop
Died Feb 21st 1943 Aged 55 years
A husband and father Good and kind A beautiful memory left behind

In loving memory of Joram Clarke Died Aug 18th 1945 Aged 69 years
And Ann Gertrude His wife Died Dec 29th 1945

In Affectionate Rememberance of Hannah Beloved wife of Joseph Hancock Of Mow Cop
Born Nov 10th 1829 Died June 15th 1880 Also Joseph Edward Their son
Born Feb 5th 1862 Died Dec 24th 1862
Also Robert Hargreaves Their son Born 14th Jan 1865 Died June 8th 1865
Also Joseph Hancock Died Aug 21 1909 Aged 78 years
God is refuge and our strength
Also Sarah his second wife Died Nov 19th 1914
She hath done what she could
Also Eva their beloved daughter Died 18th May 1957 Aged 73 years

In Memory of Luke Hancock Who died Dec 4th 1868 Aged 82 years
Also Harriet his wife Who died March 6th 1873 Aged 81 years
Also Samuel son of above Who died March 14th 1896
Also Mary wife of above Samuel Hancock Who died May 10th 1851 Aged 34 years
Isaac Hancock Son of Luke and Harriet Of Mow Cop
Who departed his life Jan 19th 1850 Aged 13 years
Also Betty daughter of the above Who died Sept 14th 1851 Aged 19 years
Also Henry son of Samuel and Mary Who died July 6th 1861 Aged 19 years