Woodcocks' Well Old School Log

The Following are a collection of School Log Book entries as collected by the Headmaster of 1958 Mr. Vernon Ball.
The comments in bold are Mr. Ball's as he collated the information for a school Centenary Book.

1862 The first entry

"Opened school at 9. Typhus Fever (12 sick) Ten days later "School
closed for a week in consequence of the death of my little son".

"Thomas Townley’s name taken off the register (Dead Typhus Fever)"
(It may well be that earlier logbooks were destroyed because of this out break.)
"Children went down to Rode to witness the laying of the cornerstone of the new church by Mrs.

1870 "Jesse Mayers put in an appearance today but I sent him home to inform
his parents that I could not allow him to come because of irregular attendance and
there were other children waiting to be admitted"

What an opportunity!!
"I made John Barlow and Henry Smith carry down the "Communion Rails" from
the stables by themselves because they showed an unwillingness to help the
other boys".

(At this time the school was used as a Church and "School Sermons" were held)

1875 "Have had to send several children home for their "School Pence".
"John Foster left not 12 years of age. This going to work so young is one of the
difficulties we have to attend with here".

1879 "The roads in many places are blocked with snow. Let the few children that were here march
and clap till 9-35 as it was exceedingly cold and the N.E. wind prevented the fires burning".

1880 "James Wilson run over by the wagon (down the brake)- foot taken off".

(Mr. Davies Recurrent themes are stone throwing, climbing walls and birds nesting)

1887 Another one was absent "Compulsory attendance is certainly a dead letter in this part of Cheshire".
He reports "Coal mine closing down (Hall O’Lea)
1894 "Explosion at Moss Collieries 60 children away picking coal.
1896 Mr Willmer became head and was married one week later
1898 Dec 12th The funeral of a bandsman today interfered with the attendance
Lewis Hancock is away this week sitting for the scholarship examination at Westminster.
1899 Feb 1st Lewis Hancock returned to school this afternoon having been absent since Monday, suffering
from a gathered throat)
1899 Feb 10th Miss Lawton (Mrs Jackson) absent three days this week, owing to her marriage taking place
1899 Feb 16th visited under act 84 (6) s.(1) The school had a visit from an inspector who wrote:-
Some of the classes are larger than the Ed code allows, considering that status of the teachers in charge of them.
1899 Mar 17th Three boys and a girl are away this morning attending a labour exam at Congleton
1899 Mar 20th A half holiday given this afternoon (by permission) to allow of a rehearsal being given in preparation for the school concert tonight.
1899 Apr 28th Sickness and parental neglect have militated against the attendance this week.
1899 May 18th School closed today for the Whitsuntide Holidays. One week.
1899 May 29th School re-opened this morning after miserably wet holidays.
1899 Jul 3rd Mr Mollart is absent all week at Rhyl, sitting for 1st yr certificate
1899 Jul 14th Scripture examination conducted this afternoon by Mr Paul Whitehurst. (Member of the board)
1899 Jul 15th Summary of H.M inspectors report.
Mixed School
"the school is well disciplined and is taught with much zeal, and credible intelligence. Weak points alluded to at the first visit have generally received attention."
1899 Sep 6th By permission of the board Mr W.J Stanton of Birmingham, gave an object lesson "Alcohol and its effects" this afternoon to stds IV to VII from 2 to 2:50.
1899 Oct 20th Poor attendance this week. There is much sickness in the district; chiefly measles and scarlet fever.
1899 Oct 27th Sickness is on the increase, 16 children have been absent all week through sickness.
1899 Nov 3rd Attendance half-holiday today. Sickness is on the increase still
1899 Dec 1st Have examined all standards in paperwork, Arithmetic, Dictation or Composition and some reading. Many children are away through sickness, chiefly Scarlet Fever.
1899 Dec 15th A snowstorm on Monday evening has interfered with attendance all week; the roads being still for pedestrians, difficult.
1899 Dec 21st Poor attendance through stress of weather and sickness has prevented completion of examinations earlier.
1900 Jan 12th Several children have been removed owing to their fathers (reservists) being called to arms in S. Africa.
1900 Jan 17th Have had several complaints against Mr Hancock punishing children in an improper manner. Have repeatedly mentioned the matter to him
1906 William Edward Taylor was presented with a dressing case on leaving for Bede College, Durham
1908 "Had occasion to tell chid to have her hair combed- creepers fell on to her slate- most impudent note from mother
1909 School gardening became an increasing part of the curriculum.
1911 Mr. C.H. Lowry joined the staff teaching often in the parish rooms
1912The choir won the first prize at Congleton
1917 A little girl fell in the lavatory
1930 Mr. Lowry was appointed headmaster. He had to bear the brunt of the new things in education. "School Dinners"
1932 Milk for payment, woodwork for boys and domestic science for girls.
1940 Practice in using Air Raid Shelters. Evacuees from Stretford and London