Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012

It hardly seems that 10 years have passed since I was writting about the Queens Golden Jubilee, and yet here we are. I was not able to attend this years beacon due to a holiday in Scotland, and the fact that I knew nothing about it.

Fortunatley Dan Masterson was able to go and has aloud me to use his photos, he has also made a great video and posted it on Youtube for all to see.

With thanks to Dan Masterson.

You may notice that for the first time in Mow Cop Beacon history that a large bonfire of pallets and waste wood wasn't used, but a much easier and cleaner gas powered beacon was lit.
(maybe if more people had seen the bonifre being built then they would have been there!)

I must say it does look good, but for me nothing quites says celebrate like a huge bonfire. Whoever made this decision and for what reasons we can only guess, maybe they were influenced by the Olympic Torch, maybe green issues or Health & Safety, or just cost. What is important is that Mow Cop was included once again in a right Royal Event. May there be many more.