Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2002

Along with the rest of the country Monday 3rd June was a party day on Mow Cop, there was a party in Mount Pleasant Village, barbecues smouldering into the night, extended licenses at all the pubs, and of course a traditional beacon.

The crowds began to gather from early on in the evening with the road to the Castle being blocked of, throngs of people walked the many paths to meet at the summit. We were all going to be witnesses to the royal event of a country length beacon trail.
The beacon was organised by
"The Junior Organisation of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors" quite a mouthful after a few pints at the Ash.

The Beacon trail was started at John O' Groats and spread south finishing with the Queen lighting the beacon in London.
RICS may have organised the event, but it was the crowds that made it special.
The Mow Cop beacon was lit at 21:45 by the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, Mr James Hawley after 3 cheers for the Her Majesty The Queen, and well lit it was. Within a few moments we were all stepping back from the heat as the pallets burst into flame.

I must say it does look good, but for me nothing quites says celebrate like a huge bonfire. Whoever made this decision and for what reasons we can only guess, maybe they were influenced by the Olympic Torch, maybe green issues or Health & Safety, or just cost. What is important is that Mow Cop was included once again in a right Royal Event. May there be many more.

It was only a few moments later that people were pointing out the beacons at Nantwich, Derbyshire and Shropshire as well as taking in the delights of the fireworks displays down over the Cheshire plain.
After half an hour of ooh and arr, the crowds began to disperse, nearly as quickly as the fire burnt down, thus ending for many Monday's Jubilee celebrations.

The Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire Mr James Hawley

125 (Staffordshire) Field Support Squadron Royal Engineers.

The 2002 Golden Jubilee Beacon was sponsored by

  • Seddon J & S Seddon (Building) Ltd
  • 125 (Staffordshire) Field Support Squadron Royal Engineers Volunteers
  • Arthur Wright & Son Watste Management
  • The National Trust
  • Newcastle Instant Print
  • RICS
  • Butters John Bee
  • St John Ambulance
  • Other Contributors were, Paul Newman, Tim Reeve, Steve Mycock, Stephen Gallet, Robin Bennett, Mark Ibbs, Kevin Lawton, Dean Povey, Dave Roberts and Dave Price