The Jamiesons were an important part of Mow Cop history during the 1800's, the family were mainly of Millstone Makers, at least 3 generations of them originating in Scotland. The first to appear on Mow Cop was William Jamieson, when he arrived is not certain.

  • 1826 Robert Jamieson and Brother William move from Scotland with their families to Mow Cop to become Millstone Makers. Their other brother John eventually emigrated to Australia after a career as a school teacher at St'Thomas.
  • 1830 William Jamieson (1) appears, paying £20 a year to Ralph Sneyd for a house and a quarry. The Sneyds at this time were the main landowners on Mow Cop. William was also agent for the Sneyds collecting rents from tenants.
  • 1830 Robert dies followed by Helen in 1832 and wife Sarah in 1836
  • 1841 the census returns of lists 6 people living in William Jamieson (1) household including Nephew apprentice William (2)
  • 1841 a receipt for two of Jamiesonís Millstones dated May 31st 1841. They were £11.10 shilling each, with 7 shillings for stone transportation.
William Jamieson (1) 46 Millstone Maker
Agnes Jamieson 45
William Jamieson (2) 15 Apprentice (Nephew)
George Jamieson 12 Apprentice
George McAllen 20 Stonemason
Betty McAllen 20
  • 1871 census was taken, William Jamieson(2) was running the quarry and the subsequent family business. This William was to become the most famous and very influential in the quarries.
William Jamieson (2) Head Married 45 Millstone Manufacturer Scotland
Mary Jamieson Wife Married 49 Chesh, Odd Rode
Robert Jamieson Son Single 15 Pupil Teacher National School Staffs, Mow Cop
Sarah Jamieson Daughter Single 13 Scholar Staffs, Mow Cop
William Jamieson (3) Son Single 10 Scholar Staffs, Mow Cop
Mary Jamieson Daughter Single 5 Scholar Staffs, Mow Cop
Ann Harding Servant Single 22 General Servant Staffs, Mow Cop

WilliamRobertMary Elizabeth (Mellor)MarySarahWilliam Jr
  William Jamieson (2) Family Photo 1860's

1891 The 3rd of the William Jamieson family was running the quarry as listed below.

William Jamieson (3) Head Married 30 Millstone Manufacturer Staffs, Wolstanton
Alice Jamieson Wife Married 28 Staffs, Wolstanton
Alice Mary Jamieson Daughter Single 2 Staffs, Wolstanton
Elizabeth Lawton Servant Single 25 General Servant Chesh, Odd Rode