Jinks Family Photos (Donated by Dorothy Light)

I have never lived in Mow Cop, but my mother was Eveline Jinks and her parents were Absalom and Gertrude Jinks (nee Moors). Mum was born in 1918 at the Brake but lived for many years in The Hollow in Mount Pleasant and went to Woodcock's Well School. I recognise many of the names on the site as Granddad seemed to know everyone in the village and beyond. I correspond with relatives in America - from the Moors side of the family - who seem to know far more about my ancestors than I do - but I am gradually putting a few more names in place. We live in Norton and still visit Mow Cop quite often and enjoy the walks past the school and along by The Old Man.

Absolom Jinks 1870-1975

Gertrude Jinks (nee Moors) 1887-1923

Eveline Dawson, nee Jinks, (1918 - 1997) in St. John's Ambulance uniform

Absolom Jinks with 2 ladies. Do you recognise them?

Absolom Jinks and granddaughter Anne Dawson, c. 1970 in his front garden in The Hollow